American International School of Thessaloniki, Greece

Elementary Greek Department Celebration for the 25th of March

March 25th is a very special day for our country since we celebrate our Independence Day! On Friday, March 24th, all of our elementary students, were involved in the preparation of the whole celebration. They spoke, sang and danced inspired from the Greek Revolution. Freedom was the theme of our assembly.

As Manos Hadjidakis was the composer of the month, we started our celebration with the very famous instrumental song: ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’ by Natalia Lioshi (4th grade). Then, Khaeden Herndon (4th grade) spoke about the great composer Manos Hadjidakis. Music club continued the tribute to Manos Hadjidakis with the amazing song: ‘Τa paidia tou Peiraia’ from the movie ‘Never on Sunday’ which was the Oscar winning soundtrack.

First and second grade students spoke about the Greek Revolution through poems. Then the two classes together sang the traditional song: ‘Mana mou ta kleftopoula’. Grade 3 students dressed in traditional Greek costumes sang another wonderful song about the Greek Revolution: ‘Tsamikos’ by Manos Hadjidakis. Also, grade 3 students danced two traditional dances, ‘Tsamikos’ (boys) and ‘Podaraki Anatolikis Romilias (girls).

Grades 4 & 5 described the formation of the Greek Nation, as a result of the Greek Revolution in 1821. Then, we were really moved by the two songs that were presented by fourth grade students: ‘Tis agapis aimata’ by Mikis Theodorakis and ‘Born Free’ by John Barry. Kemal Song was the surprise of our celebration as our students are extremely talented! Grade 5 excelled in two traditional dances, ‘Zorbas’ (syrtaki) and ‘Ikariotikos’. ‘Opou iparhei agapi’ by Stefanos Varelas was the song sang by all of our students, from 42 nationalities and closed the ceremony.

We would like to thank our elementary principal Mr.Cois, and congratulate Dr.Smite, Mr. Lagousis, Ms. Fotiadou and Ms.Pagidou for their support. Lastly, we congratulate all students for their hard work and the enthusiasm they showed before and during the Celebration!

Ms. Sophia Konstantinidou
Ms.Filiana Zafiriadou