American International School of Thessaloniki, Greece

Eratosthenes Experiment at Pinewood

On March 21st at exactly 12:27 p.m. the Grade 8 Science students conducted the Eratosthenes Experiment. This experiment was performed initially by Eratosthenes, a Greek mathematician and astronomer, 2015 years ago. It is an experiment that was conducted today around the world, at solar noon. We measured the length of the shadow of a stick in order to calculate the circumference of Earth.

Our students will be exchanging data with a school in Romania and from those two measurements the students will calculate the circumference of Earth. Our result will be posted online on the Eratosthenes Experiment 2017 website. The amazing thing about this experiment is that students can calculate the circumference of Earth by using only a stick and a protractor.


Dr. Maria Karaveli & Ms. Elena Voukloutzi
with the assistance of Ms. Melina Brozou