American International School of Thessaloniki, Greece

Who is the Next Radio Star on the Pinewood Show?

Coming to Greece from America was a leap of faith for me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had many questions. What would the people be like? Would I make any friends? What would I do for fun? Luckily, my time here in Greece has been enhanced by the opportunities that have been presented to me through Pinewood. Last Friday, I was offered the opportunity from Mr. Kostas Papantoniou to speak on the Pinewood radio program. What a fun experience! I had never before considered what it would be like to speak on the radio, but after doing so I found that it was actually exciting. There is something invigorating about speaking to an unknown audience. The program of the night focused on the music of Ireland, which seemed to me like a turn of fate since my family hails from the Emerald Isle. The experience was educational and entertaining. Being on the radio is like being a guest on someone’s car ride home. This realization was slightly nerve-wracking at first, but after a few minutes it became easier to enjoy the Irish tunes and inform the public about the life and sounds of the Gaelic people. I’m glad to have been asked to speak on the radio program and am eternally grateful to Pinewood for welcoming me and including me in opportunities like this.

Erin Trotter
Student Teacher