American International School of Thessaloniki, Greece

Pinewood and the EUFORIA Program again!

On Sunday the 5th, February 2017, the Thessaloniki Film Festival and Cinema museum, organized the second edition of EUFORIA Conference, “MEDIA EDUCATION in action”.

Pinewood was there!

Over one action-packed day, media thinkers and education innovators came together to share knowledge and insight on how to make better sense of media and media education.

The organizers and the members of the EUFORIA transnational European Community Program feel that “Children need to be media smart, and for this to happen, they need to be taught how to be.” We couldn’t agree more. Our students as the stakeholders of tomorrow, need to be forward thinking and innovative, they need to able and capable to position themselves in current multicultural and multilingual social settings.

The EUFORIA “MEDIA EDUCATION in action”Conference marked the beginning of a new creative and productive year for our participating Grade 6 Social Studies Class.

Amalia Spiliakou and Kostas Papantoniou