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    Pinewood in the Media


    Pinewood - The American International School participates in a number of events both on campus and in the wider Thessaloniki community each year. Below, please find some of the most recently published articles from the media describing Pinewood and the vanguard ways in which we are educating our students for the future.


    Dr. Giampapa published an article in Business Leaders, a bi-monthly publication of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Giampapa’s article is part of a section called “Thought Leaders” wherein educational leaders in Greece were invited to share their thoughts and ideas on the topic of “Greece: A Center of Education Excellence?”. Dr. Giampapa’s article is titled, “Three Ways to Develop International Mindedness in Greece” and focuses on the ways in which education at Pinewood is transformative, diverse and inclusive. – providing a model for other schools in Greece to follow. The Thought Leaders section begins on page 28 of the following link. Dr. Giampapa’s article is on page 39. http://www.amcham.gr/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/BP79.pdf

    Aggelioforos Magazine