• CollegeBoard - Consent Form for Accommodations Request

    Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

    If wish to apply for testing accommodation(s) on College Board tests (SAT or PSAT/NMSQT) due to disability, please click on the link below for a copy of “CONSENT FORM FOR ACCOMMODATIONS REQUEST”. Complete the form and mail it to Dr. Giampapa. The signed “CONSENT FORM” will authorize Pinewood: to release to the College Board copies of your records that document the existence of a disability and need for testing accommodations; to release any other information in the school's custody that the College Board requests for the purpose of determining my eligibility for testing accommodations on College Board tests; and to discuss my disability and accommodation needs with the College Board. By submitting the signed form, you also grant the College Board permission to receive and review your records, and to discuss your disability and needs with school personnel and other professionals.