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    Activities Program

    Each year, Pinewood American International School enhances the after-school activities program at all levels. Student participation in school activities allows for the natural reinforcement of the school’s academic mission and programs. It is a long season that promises many thrills and excitement offering opportunities to our students to express themselves in a variety of experiences, activities and sports.  

    After School Activities run Monday - Friday, 15:00 - 16:10


    Free Play (Early Years) 

    Junior Dance (K-2)

    Elementary Soccer Club (2-5)

    Minecraft Education Club (2-7)

    Robotics (6-9)

    Art Club (9-12)

    High School Basketball (9-12)

    MUN (9-12)

    Swimming Club (EY-8) 


    Junior Art (Early Years)

    Music Club (1-5)

    Drama Club (1-5)

    Cooking Club (2-5)

    Photography Club (3-6)

    Art Club (6-8)

    Girls Volleyball Team (7-12)

    High School Soccer Team (9-12)



    Educational Games (Early Years)

    Tennis Club (1-2)

    Yoga Club (1-5)

    Computer Club (3-5)

    Digital Story Telling (6-8)

    Martial Arts (6-12)

    Boys Volleyball Team (6-12)

    Journalism (9-12)



    Music & Movement (Early Years)

    Mini Soccer Club (Grades K-1)

    Art Club (Grades 1-5)

    Elementary Dance Club (Grades 3-5)

    Video Club (Grades 6-10)

    Girls Basketball team (Grades 6-12)

    Forensics (Grades 7-12)

    Swimming Club (EY-8) EXTERNAL ACTIVITY at Apollo Swimming Pool




    Story Telling (Early Years)

    Elementary Basketball Club (Grades 1-5)

    Tennis Club (Grades 3-5)

    Philosophy Club (Grades 3-5)

    Middle School Soccer Team (Grades 6-8)

    Computer Club (Grades 6-8)

    Cheerleaders (Grades 7-12)

    Robotics (Grades 9-12)


    For more information regarding the Activities program please call Mr. Tsachtanis at 2310-301221 or email tsachtanis@pinewood.gr.


    After School Activities Transportation

    A special after-school activities bus is provided each day and covers as many studetns as possible, however this is more limited than the regular school bus service. The bus route covers the following areas: IKEA, Anatolia, Panorama, Pilea, Harilaou, Martiou, Sofouli, Kalamaria, Ethnikis Antistasis, Vasilissis Olgas, Tsimiski (Downtown).