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    Tuition and Fees for 2016-17

    Pinewood is committed to providing the highest quality and most contempoary education to its students while taking into consideration the economic demands of our families. In doing so, we are pleased to maintain our tuition and fees at no increase for the 2016-2017 academic year.

    Pre-Kindergarten 1 5,700 euros
    Pre-Kindergarten 2 5,900 euros
    Kindergarten 6,700 euros
    Grades 1 - 5 10,506 euros
    Grades 6 - 12 10,812 euros
    Fees 2016-2017  
    Technology Fee (Grades 1-12) 420 euros
    Activities/Field Trips (PreK-K) 250 euros
    Activities/Field Trips (Grades 1-12) 370 euros
    Bus Fee 1050
    Capital Levy (for new students only)  
    Kindergarten (Registration Fee) 600 euro
    Grades 1-12 1800 euro

    Re-Enrollment Fee
    This fee is due in the Spring of the previous year to reserve a place for the following year. It is deducted from the total tuition & fees due each year.

    Early Years Program: 1,000 euros
    Elementary (Grades 1-5): 2,000 euros
    Secondary (Grades 6-12): 2,000 euros

    Schedule of Payments and Discounts

    1. In full: Payment made in full by the following dates shall receive the corresponding automatic discounts:
      June 1:           7% discount on Tuition
      September 1: 5% discount on Tuition

    2. In installments:

    • May 1st
    • September 15th
    • December 15th
    • March 15th
      • When there are two or more children from the same family enrolled in the School at the same time, a 5% discount on Tuition Fees shall be applied to the second and a 10% discount to each additional child’s Tuition Fee.
      • When there are two or more children from the same family using the bus transportation service at the same time, a 15% discount on the Transportation Fee shall be applied to the second and 25% discount to each additional child's Transportation Fee.
      • The school reserves the right to demand full payment of tuition and fees prior to formal enrollment of the student(s).
      • Students attending the school for 20 days or more, whether enrolling late or dis-enrolling early, will be charged for the entire Semester (half year).

    Fees may be paid by direct deposit or transfer to the following school bank accounts:


    Papagou 36, 57001 Thermi, Tel: 2310-487495, Fax: 2310-487492

    Pinewood Account in Euro No 720 00 2002 003099

    IBAN: GR45 0140 7200 7200 0200 2003 099

    Swift Code: CRBAGRAA


    An. Paramana Square 1, 57001 THERMI
    Tel. 2310-460500, Fax: 2310-461846

    Account No : 5216-055583-332
    IBAN: GR 21 0172 2160 0052 1605 5583 332

    Swift Code: PIRBGRAA

    US Bank

    For payments made from within the U.S. only


    Account Number: 730000478
    Routing Number: 021307559
    Swift Code: COUYUS31

    * Copies of deposit slips or transfer documents indicating students’ names should be sent or faxed to the school.